Unlock code from the operator for different devices!

On our site you can also order unlock codes from operators for the following models.

Before ordering, carefully read the supported models!

To order the unlock code from the operator, enter the following data on the below form:

1. Device model names
2. Device IMEI

To find out this data, you need to look at the device information in the device settings or pull the battery out of your device, all data is written on the information label.

Код разблокировки от оператора для различных устройств

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A kind request:
1. Order the code and for some reason you are not sure about the correctness of the data, then please contact us. Our contacts can be found here: Contact
2. Order code, wait! Work hours are from 8-00 to 18-00 Moscow time. After this time, the code can be processed a little longer, but the code will be, be sure.
3. Thank you for your understanding!

Please inquire if you have any questions!
Getnck Support — Telegram Group : Gentnck Support

List of supported device models :

1. Unlock AVVIO: 401; 450; SN50; SN70; T519.

2. Unlock AZUMI: Chic; L2U; L2Z; LT40; Q10; Q15.

3. Unlock BMOBILE: AX610; AX690; AX820.

4. Unlock CHIBO: Azumi B1; Bmobile TV30.

5. Unlock CORAL: 100; 200; 255; 266; 550; 555; 640; 690; 725; 850.

6. Unlock DORO: 345; 345GSM; 409; 409s; 410; 410s; 610; 610s.

7. Unlock GTRAN: N120; N510.

8. Unlock LANIX: S100; S105; S115; S120; S200; S210; S215; S400; S410; S50; S500; S600; S700; T60; T65; T99; W20; W30; W31; Z11; Z20.
9. Unlock LENOVO: A319i; A390.

10. Unlock M4: SS 1050; SS 1060; SS 1070; SS 1080; SS 1090; SS 660; SS 880; SS 990.

11. Unlock MessagePhone: QS150; QS200.

12. Unlock MICROMAX: MMS350G; MMS352G; MMX300; MMX310G.

13. Unlock MOJO: Chat; C200.

14. Unlock MOTOROLA: WX160; WX161; WX180; WX181; WX260; WX260C; WX265; WX280; WX288; WX290; WX295; WX390; WX395.
(Для телефонов Моторола вместе с IMEI нужно указать PID (provider ID) в формате : IMEI+PID — в поле IMEI)

15. Unlock MOVISTAR: Match; Onda; Q78; Smile; Urban.

16. Unlock ORANGE: Dallas; Esencial GS202; Lisbon; Miami; Nalongo; Panama; REYO; RIGA; Rio; Rome; Sydney; Tara; Vegas; Zilo.

17. Unlock PANTECH: C300; C510; C600; C610; C630; C740; C790; C810; C820; P1010; P2000; P2020; P2030; P5000; P6010; P6020; P6030; P7000; P7040; P7040P; P8000; P9020; P9050; P9060; P9070; P4100 tablet; PS7000; PW6010; PW8000S; WP8990vw.

18. Unlock SFR: 101; 114; 115; 116; 116i; 117; 121; 122; 123; 132; 151; 152; 153_1; 153_2; 155; 231; 232; 241; 242; 251; 261; 262; 341; 342; 343; 344; 3440; 552.

19. Unlock SHARP: SH-01D; SH-06D.

20. Unlock SKY: Elite 4.0S ; Fuego 4.0T;  Sky 5.0lt .

21. Unlock SPICE: S400; S404N; S415; S535; S545.

22. Unlock SUPRA: M726G; M727G.

23. Unlock TELENOR: Telenor smart mini.

24. Unlock UMX: Budget Mobile MXW1.

25. Unlock VERYKOOL: I277; I300; I305; I315; I600; I605; I705; I725; I750; Lotus II S5005; R13 ; Verykool s5021.

26. Unlock VODAFONE: VFD-200; Smart kicka 2; 1230; 1231; 351; 353; 547; 550; 553; 945; INDIA; Smart First 7; TARA; 150; 155; 250; 252; 330; 331; 331FM; 345; 350; 354; 355; 455; 540; 541; 543; 555; 575; 655.

27. Unlock VTELCA: Caribe 3FI; F310; N720; NX402; NX406E; NX501; Telepatria; Telepatria 2; V8200; V865M.

28. Unlock WIKO: Fever; Freddy; Jerry; Lenny; Sunny; Sunset; Wiko Sunny2.

29. Unlock IPLUS ORANGE M20, GoMobile GO963

Please do not order the code if your device is not listed above!

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